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About VG Sudoku

VG Sudoku is a Java (1.5+) platform-independent Sudoku solving helper. You can use it to solve your sudokus in an easier way than pen and paper, right on your desktop!

It has a nice, fast performing graphical interface and a set of features to help you solve your sudokus in a quicker and more enjoyable way!

VG Sudoku is free software (free as in both "free beer" and "freedom of speach") and is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. It is hosted on SourceForge.net, host of many well-known open source projects.

VG Sudoku features

It is not just the substitution of pen and paper that VG Sudoku is good at! It has a number of features that make the more "mechanical", or non-logic-oriented aspects of solving a Sudoku much easier:

You can use VG Sudoku to solve a puzzle in your newspaper in a cooler way than pen and paper! Just check the Set givens option, enter the given numbers from the newspaper and uncheck the Set givens option. That's it! You're ready to fight with your Sudoku!

If at any time you want to start over, just select Restart in the File menu.

VG Sudoku can import Sudoku puzzles by reading puzzle descriptor files, such as Gordon Royle's excellent collection of "Minimum" Sudoku puzzles (The University of Western Australia). Download the collection, save as a text file, import from within VG Sudoku (Load descriptor file... in the File menu) and select a Random puzzle (File menu) to enjoy solving!

Liked one of the puzzles in the collection and want to share with a friend? Just tell them the puzzle number and they can enjoy solving it too by using the Go to puzzle... function in the File menu! Of course, they will need to have VG Sudoku and the puzzle collection to access and solve the puzzle!

VG Sudoku also allows you to change its colors, should you not like the defaults! Just select Choose colors... in the View menu and use the color chooser to set the colors you want. Once you have selected your favourite colors, VG Sudoku will remember them by saving a small configuration file in your home directory (VG-Sudoku.conf). Not skinnable yet, but customizable!

VG Sudoku Copyright 2007 Vagelis Giannadakis